10 Best Android Hacking Apps For Android | 2020

Top 10 Hacking Apps 2020 Edition || Without Root

Remote Audio Recorder

 Ever wondered if you can capture audio of surroundings of your spouse or children mobile and listen to it on the website after a few minutes? Or keep track of your children that they are where they are supposed to be? “Remote Audio” Android application will do just that. Capture as a minimum of 20 sec or as long as 20 min and listen to it online from the website. The best part – it's absolutely free.
Following are the features of Remote Audio:
✔ Captures audio silently without the user getting to know.
✔ Captures audio from 20 Sec to 20 Minute.
✔ It can be triggered remotely from our website by logging in.
✔ Option to Download and delete audio
✔ Upload notification will be sent to a registered email id.
How to use:
If your mobile is used as a land-line at your residence. You can download directly from our website, register by entering your email id and pin and you are set. If you don’t want a copy of an audio copy to be stored locally in your mobile, then open the app in your mobile -> Go to settings-> and uncheck “Keep a local copy on mobile”
If you want to install the app on someone else mobile (Illegal use is prohibited but you can use it to monitor your kids), you need to install the hide icon version of the application. This app will hide the app from the app drawer. And even disable all notification. After registration, go to settings -> and check the “Hide Icon” option. Don't forget to uncheck the “Show Notification” Option as well.
Once registered you can now close the app. Rest all you can handle it from the server. Go to http://trackMyPhones.com/spyaudio login with the registered email id and password. The logged-in page should show all recorded files and an option to record new. Select the appropriate duration and click on “Capture Audio”. This will trigger a command to the app on the target mobile via the Google server. Notification will be sent to Google instantly. Google might take some time depending on the internet availability on mobile or server status.
Once the mobile receives the command and the duration to be recorded, it will start recording. After the duration is over the app will upload the file to our cloud and send a notification email to your registered email id.
To delete all captured audio files:
If you wish to delete all your records you can click on the “Delete all records” link at the bottom of the display page.


What is BOMBitUP?

BOMBitUP is an application developed primarily for the Android platform. But it will not be available in traditional stores on mobile. You will have to download it at the app sharing site. We will provide you with BOMBitUP Apk so that you can simply install it on your device. BOMBitUP can allow you to bomb messages, calls, even emails. You will need to conduct surveys to be able to receive free messages from the app. The jokes that BOMBitUP brings will be limited. Therefore, you will not be able to prank too much for another person. If you want to overcome the limitations and create a horror story with your joke, you will have to pay a small fee. We provide BOMBitUP Apk so that you can download and install it. If you do not want to use it as a joke, you can use BOMBitUP to protect yourself from other similar pranks.
BOMBitUP will help you protect your phone number, email, and more. It is almost free, but it will come with some restrictions. You will have to face the jobs to get free messages. You may have to watch some ads, surveys… We just share the latest BOMBitUP Apk for Android so it cannot interfere with the development process of its developer. When you use BOMBitUP for your purposes, you have to agree to be responsible for anything with this application. The developer will not be responsible for what you do. But you do not need to worry too much because jokes are always safe and fun.

Key features of the latest BOMBitUP Apk

Here are some of the interesting features available in BOMBitUP Apk.
  1. SMS Blast: Using BOMBitUP to create interesting attacks on others. You will be able to tease anyone with your text messages. You can send unlimited messages to them.
  2. Call Blast: Like SMS Blast, you can use BOMBitUP to make anonymous calls to anyone. You will make them uncomfortable with this annoyance.
  3. Email Blast: You can send emails to someone’s inbox with loads of emails until you get blocked. If they are using that email for their phones, ringing tones with vibrato and sound, which will really annoy them. This can also cause the taskbar of their phone to be full of emails.
  4. Custom SMS: Using the “way2sms” port and send unlimited messages with an unlimited number. You will need a way2sms account to do this, which you can register for free.
  5. Call Pinger: If you want to have another funny joke, Call Pinger will help you a lot. You will be able to create a lot of missed calls, which will make the receiver angry and curious. They will be very upset and screaming with many questions about who has done this.
  6. Protection: If you do not want to use BOMBitUP to play around, you can use it to help prevent attacks from other people. Your phone number and email will be safe from the troublemakers.
  7. Check Update: You will see it appear near the bottom of the application’s menu. This feature will help you to quickly update the latest version of BOMBitUP Apk. You can also pin our articles to get the latest updates.

Download and install BOMBitUP Apk for Android

Installing BOMBitUP Apk for Android will be quite simple. If you know how to install it, you can skip this step. If you do not understand, you can follow step by step in our instructions below.
Step 1: Download the BOMBitUP apk file at the bottom of our link.
Step 2: Open the application download directory. Then, you can use the application to start the installation process. To start installing, you will be asked by the device whether you have permission to install applications from unknown sources. You just have to agree to start the installation process.
Step 3: Wait for the installation to finish and click Open to start the application.

How to protect your phone number and email with Protection List

Protection List is an interesting feature that BOMBitUP gives to the user. You will be protected from others’ attacks or prank. So to protect your phone number and email, you can add it to the Protection List. In which, you can click on the three-bar icon in the upper left corner. You will see a lot of features to choose from, but you should keep your eyes on the list of features in the Protection List section. Click on it and fill in your various parameters such as name, phone number or email. Then, click Protect Me to start the protection process.



 If you want to have interesting jokes or retaliate, you can choose BOMBitUP Apk. In addition, you can also use it to protect yourself against malicious jokes. We will also introduce many other interesting applications related to poking fun at others. You can follow our site to be able to download those apps. Do not forget to leave your reviews on this application or any comment below to let us know whenever you have problems downloading the BOMBitUP Apk. We will quickly fix it. Thanks and have a nice time with the app!


Quick Video Recorder - Background Video Recorder

 Quick Video Recorder is a camera app which helps you record video by one click easily with the option to enable/disable camera shutter sounds and camera previews. Useful functions include continuous recording when your screen is off, scheduled recording, an easy to use one-click Video Recorder shortcut/widget & support for multiple languages.

A: The default, Android system will stop a recording when a file size reached 4GB or duration is 30 minutes. You can enable "Limit time and Repeat recording" feature to try. You should set max time is 30 minutes or shorter(the best choice is the duration of video on your device when a video file reached 4GB) to avoid crash file. Or if you are saving a file on SD Card you should format SD Card is exFAT instead of FAT so the app can record video long time (more 30 minutes).

[Main Features]
+ Supports multiple languages (English, Czech, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, German, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Dutch, Polish)
+ Trim videos after you record them
+ Enable/disable preview views
+ Enable/disable shutter sounds
+ Supports “Night mode”
+ Supports auto white balancing with multiple advanced options
+ Schedule your camera to record video at specific times
+ Supports widget icon changes
+ Supports back and front cameras
+ Supports Dash Camera mode
+ Easy storage location option
+ Unlimited video duration. Easily set the time duration you want to record
+ Supports “auto stop recording” when device storage is low
+ Multiple video resolutions (HD-720p, Full HD-1080p, 480p...)
+ Secure well-coded app
+ Beautiful material design GUI

[User Guide]
+ Click the pink floating button in the app or click the Video Recorder shortcut/widget to start and stop recording.

Quick Video Recorder is a free app. Simply install, set it up and enjoy!.
If you like the app please rate it 5 stars ★★★★★ & give it a smashing review. I would highly appreciate it!

+ To app works best if you update to google play services 9.0


Download Paytm Spoof App 

How You Can Use This “Paytm Spoof App”

With The Help Of Paytm Spoof App, you Can Make Fool Of Your Friend & Relative. You Need To just Install The App.
After Successfully Installed The App You Can Open It & You Can Find A Payment Details Interface Where You Can Fill The Details Of That User You want To pay for it.
You Can Fill All Details Of That Users You Want To Pay It Like: Paytm Phone Number, Amount & Date.
After Filling All Information You Can Simply Click To pay Or Send Button.
After This App Will Be Redirect You A Transaction Complete Or Successful Page That Is Very Similar Like A Paytm Transaction Complete Page. That Page You can Get All Details Like Transaction Id, Mobile Number, Transaction Amount & Date.
Guys Paytm Spoof App Is Very Popular In India Now Approximately 40k To 50k Users Searching About This Spoof App Apk To Download So If 50k Users Monthly Search About This App So The Chances To Make Fraud Is High With The Help Of This App.
So, Make Sure Be Aware Or Verify every time When You Get Payment Through Paytm And Check The Updated Balance & Payment Message Also.

Warning :  Don’t Use This App To Fraud With Someone It’s A Crime Or Illegal So Stay Away From Doing This Types Of Activities. Used This App Only For Fun Purpose With Friends & Relatives No Make Any Fraud With Anyone.


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